Industrial Hypertext has been building web sites with Microsoft's ASP.NET since 2003, in both the C# and VB.NET languages. We are also now building websites using Microsoft's lastest ASP.NET MVC framework .

Responsive Mobile Web Applications can be built with ASP.NET to enable your clients to use your website on any device, be it a phone, or a tablet, or a desktop. Responsive web pages detect the size of the device and adapt accordingly.

Your website can be hosted on a web server at your premises using Microsoft's IIS webserver, or in a data centre, or increasingly in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Your ASP.NET website can be connected to a database such as SQL Server or Oracle, and offer features such as customer data to enable your users to login to your site and view their account and place orders. We can also connect to 3rd party services such as MYOB to make your product data and pricing and stock levels available on your website.

Your website can contain reports using RDLC/SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) containing data tables and charts. Reports can be exported as PDFs or formats such as Word documents or Excel Spreadsheets.

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