Industrial Printing (JDF)

A large Perth printing company required a way to interface their ordering system with their large industrial printer. The printer could accept jobs in the JDF format, so we create a program which monitored a network folder for order files, created by their existing ordering program, and our program converted them to job files the printer could accept.

NFC/RFID reader applications

Asset Tracking

We have developed applications to read and write NFC/RFID cards and stickers to help Western Australian mining and healthcare companies keep track of assets. Each piece of equipment at the various sites had an RFID sticker attached to it, containing a unique ID for that asset (eg. drill press, or hospital bed) which could later be scanned by a portable reader connected to a Windows tablet, or Android device. Once scanned the machine could be inspected and the results of the inspection entered in a central database. The companies could then create a report that showed the status of all their assets.

A big advantage with NFC/RFID scanning over barcode scanning is that the scanning is done by radio instead of optically reading a barcode, which means a dirty or dusty item won't prevent the item from being scanned.

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