Industrial Hypertext builds and manages many WordPress sites for Perth businesses and organisations. We develop fully functional, modern responsive websites that look good on desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Customising WordPress Themes & Templates

Many of our clients hire us to customise and modify WordPress themes and templates to match their corporate design and their business requirements. For example a Perth educational institution wanted their student blog section to include a biography of each student at the start of each post. This was achieved by creating a custom WordPress template and using WordPress' Template Tags and Functions. The theme was then customised over time to make the user interface easier to use.

Importing an Old Site into WordPress

Industrial Hypertext have imported many old legacy sites, and old version of WordPress, into the latest installations of WordPress. Once a site has been imported into WordPress organisational admins can easily edit pages on the site, even from their mobile devices.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers an enormous marketplace of themes and plugins to add features to your site. We have helped an educational institution install plugins for event booking, to collect data from users via custom forms, and to build and publish a database of other organisations.

Custom Plugins

Should one of the many available plugins not suit a clients needs we develop custom WordPress plugins. For example, a Perth retail client had a large MYOB database containing thousands of products, photos, stock levels, pricing, and customer account details. We developed a set of WordPress plugins to integrate this product database into their WordPress site, so that all the products in MYOB were available on the website, with real time pricing and stock levels.

This WordPress site was then made responsive, so that the thousands of products were available to order from a customer's mobile phone.

Another resource client in the mining industry required the location of their articles on economic development around the world to be placed on a map. We developed a WordPress plugin that used the Google Maps API to allow users to view all the locations on a map. When the map was zoomed out we used a common GIS technique of marker clustering so that a single marker would be shown on a country, with a count of how many markers were in that country. Zooming in on that country would reveal all the markers.

Integrating an Existing Site into WordPress

A Perth agricultural company commissioned us to integrate a new GIS customer portal into

Recovering Access & Deleted Sites

Occasionally a client has lost access to their site due to lost WordPress passwords, or an expired domain name or hosting account. We have helped clients recover access when they have lost access, and even restored deleted sites by recovering the pages from Google Cache or the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.

Fixing Hacked WordPress Sites

WordPress' popularity makes it a frequent target of hackers. An out of date WordPress installation can make it easy for hackers to take control of your site, deface pages, and steal customer data. We have cleaned and secured customer's WordPress sites to restore them after hackers have gained access, and then ensured they don't get hacked again by increasing the security and keeping the WordPress installation up to date.

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